Miyerkules, Pebrero 19, 2014

 Camiguin : " The Island Of Your Imagination"

    This place is blessed with natural resources ,white beaches and tourist spots. It is where you can explore the beauty of nature without going  too far with less expenses. People settling  in the island are very hospitable. The beauty of it's tourist spots are very remarkable like ;

Sunken Cemetery - It is a cemetery beneath the ocean level and the giant cross is the only thing serves as it's mark when Mt.Vulcan erupted in the year 1870 and sink the whole place.

Ardent Hot Spring-  A  natural hot spring found in Camiguin in the foot of Mt.Hibok-Hibok which supplies the hot and crystal clear water. 

White Island - It is a horseshoe shaped island  in Camiguin that can be seen only during low tide.

Katibawasan Falls- A stream of water dropping from almost 70m to it's pool. A favorite drop-off point of mountaineers and tourist.
Camiguin means "Come Again" which serves as a invitation to every tourist and visitors to visit the place once again.It is the best place to have fun and be relax.

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